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"Brilliant" Motivation Tips to Lose Weight

My weight loss program is designed for women who live in the real world. So one of my priorities is to help you to maintain your motivation to lose weight when life intervenes and plays havoc with your good intentions.




WEIGHT LOSS Answers to Weight Loss Motivation Problems

Here is a list of the motivation questions that I deal with in my weight loss program. In addition to these tips, you'll find tons of real-life stories and cases of successful weight loss, as well as advice on how NOT to diet.

- What Incentive Best Motivates Us to Lose Weight?
- Why Past Mistakes are Wonderful
- The 2 Secrets of Successful Exercise
- The Power of Organisation
- Coping With Interruptions to Your Diet
- Losing Weight is Not a Race - It's a Hike
- Why Dieting is Easier
- Skinny on Alcohol (glug)
- How to Cope With a Partner
- Coping With 'Friends'
- Coping With Bad Days
- How to Make it Easier to Succeed
- Why Losing Weight is the Easy Part
- What's the Real Secret of Weight Loss?
- Skinny on Willpower
- What's the Biggest Dieting Mistake?
- How to Cope With Failure
- How to Lose a LOT of Weight
- What's the Secret of Lean Thighs?
- Real-life Inspiration to Lose Weight
- How NOT to Diet
- How to Say Goodbye to Negative Thinking?
- Why You Should Be More Greedy!
- My 10-Point Weight Loss Checklist
- Why Self-Discipline Doesn't Work
- Lose Weight By Thinking Like a Man!
- How to Reduce Bingeing Before My Period
- Why Carbs Are Your Friend
- The NOW-NOW-NOW Froth!
- The Click-Click Syndrome
- Weight Loss Without the Pain
- 8 Most Popular Weight Loss Questions
- How to Be Focused, Not Flaky
- How to Win the Weight Loss Battle - 4 Steps
- How Celebrities Lose Weight
- Supermodels Weight Reduction Methods

WEIGHT LOSS What My Members Say About My Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Dear Bioslimherb.com
I signed up today and feel compelled to write to you after having read a number of your very fine weight loss motivational articles. They run contrary to the 'good girl/bad girl' stuff that I have been punishing myself with all these years. They are direct and powerful in their brevity, but they also communicate a sense of love and forgiveness. I know it may sound amazing, but I never realized until now the huge part that 'attitude' plays in the success or failure to lose weight.
Joan (Oregon)

Bioslimherb.com ,
I am a 51 year old woman, 5 feet tall and I weigh 148 lbs... I read about 8 of your articles so far, and what really impressed me is the thread that runs through all of them: MENTAL work has to go on in order to succeed. You don't pepper them with little food tips or tricks -- the most important dieting GOES ON IN YOUR HEAD. So, as I begin to apply the principles of healthy eating one more time, I think I see that I need to get rid of a lot of anger as well as the excess weight. Anger that I have directed toward myself. And they just may be synonomous. Thanks, Bioslimherb.com . I really feel hopeful I can lose weight this time.
Meryl (Indiana)

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