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An alternative solution to your
weight problem is through the use of 100% natural herbal diet such as Bioslim. Modern society found out that this blessing from nature can actually help them achieve the perfect body without having to stress themselves out with diet plans and strenuous exercise routines.

*NEW YORK (Reuters Health)- Some
"herbal" weight-loss products may in
fact make you lose weight and
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not contain any side effects
that could put consumers
at risk. According to researchers
people are actually losing weight
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*300 million adults worldwide
are obese

*1 billion are overweight.

*300,000 deaths in the U.S. annually are due to poor diet or inactivity.

*58 million adults in the U.S. are


Results may vary from person to person

*If we can do it, so can you. We have lost over 9 sizes together, and  started losing weight right after we tried the Bioslim. After a few weeks we both felt slimmer and much more energetic, and all our thanks to this special formula and program.





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                    "Results may vary from person to person"


*One Week Later... 7 Pounds - Disappeared!

Please send as soon as possible as l am running out of your product now and want to continue losing wait. If there is an extra cost to get it out sooner pls let me know. Thank you in advance for your help. PS Your Bioslim products are really great!! E.

I was stunned to see how fast I was losing the first few pounds. All I did was follow the instructions that came with the two products. Really quite simple: I just had to take the herbs once a day, and that's it. I carried on eating normally and followed my daily routine. I literally "melted away". After the first week I had lost 9 pounds without going on any type of diet. "Results may vary from person to person"

After that, everything seemed to be going on autopilot. I checked my weight every few days, and each time I had lost several more pounds. My clothes were starting to feel loose. Imagine my feeling when I could slip into my old Levi's again. My favorite cashmere sweaters that I loved so much: now I could wear them.

hi my name is Tatiana i ordered your product and . love it i used it last week and i lost 5 pds its great. i still get hungry but when i eat i get full faster. It also gives me more energy so i can work out for a longer time. Thank you so much Tatiana. "Results may vary from person to person"

*I'd Lose A Few Pounds In The Beginning And Then,
I'd Gain It All Back... And Sometimes I'd Gain More!

Then I began seeing articles in health magazines about a new obesity treatment. This treatment had really helped women who were unable to lose weight on their own, to finally lose their excess pounds. I read about a young woman whose story sounded very similar to mine. Like me, she gained a lot of weight during her pregnancy and found it very hard to get back to her former weight. But thanks to this treatment, she managed to lose 36 pounds in only 4 weeks... "Results may vary from person to person"

... But because I'd been so disappointed by all the weight-loss products before and which didn't work, I was skeptical that this one would be any different.

This is day 9, and the herbs are awesome. It really works! I am eating about 2/3's less than I was. I have also started doing aerobics. I think this is the weight lose plan for me. I'll keep you posted. My clothes are fitting much better, I have more energy, and NO JITTERS. I am going to be ordering the buy two, get one free in the next week or so. I will keep you posted. I sometimes can go until 2 or 3 in the afternoon without eating. I do have to make myself drink water, because the herbs takes your appetite and thirst. Great job Bioslim.  Debra "Results may vary from person to person"

*It Kept Getting Worse And I Was Beginning To Worry

I was embarrassed by the way I looked. I was concerned with what my friends were thinking. My biggest fear, however, was that my husband was going to leave me. All this made me increasingly depressed. So... I decided to go on a diet. I went to the local Chapters stores and came home with six weight loss diet books. "Results may vary from person to person"

Four months later... I had gained another 7 pounds.

So, I went to a doctor. In fact, I went to two doctors. I took every pill they prescribed for me... and... I stayed fat. I tried four different diets. I tried listening to those "subliminal" CD's. I ordered three different "can't-fail" plans from those late night TV shows. I tried acupuncture. I tried hypnosis. You know, it seems to me, I tried almost everything on the market. Unfortunately, the results were always the same...until I tried Bioslim, and lost 12 pounds in three weeks.

*I Lost 14 Pounds, And Need To Lose 30-35 Pounds More

Your Bioslim has not lost  its effectiveness, and so far so good, no jitters, no sweet cravings, curbed appetite. If this continues then I will be ordering more. I need to lose about 30-35 lbs. I tried another Hoodia herb before yours, and I didn't feel any lost in appetite. With your miracle bioslim herb weight loss herb, I am not hungry and I have some additional energy that I am noticing. I have to be careful because I am on high blood pressure med's, but I don't feel sick, jittery, or lightheaded.

I ordered one 30 day product a couple of weeks ago and amazed on how I never felt hungry I am ordering your package bye 2 and get the 3 one free. Could you please do the same so that I don't have to pay duty in Canada you put it down as a gift. I have the 3rd bottle going to a friend and if it works well for her she will be ordering from you as well. "Results may vary from person to person"
thank you, Karen

so far your Bioslim miracle weight loss product has been amazing, thanks, Nancy Brock. p.s. i will send a testimony.

*I Love Your Bioslim Just Make Me Thin

Love them, Love them ! The herbs works well and hate to admit it but love to show by body off at times Can post my e-mail if you want. Thanks for ENCOURAGED ME TO LOSS MORE WEIGHT. LAST TIME I WROTE LOST 35 LBS AS OF TODAY 50 LBS. which makes my skinny waist look so wonderful! Thanks again Bashir, Dubai UAE
"Results may vary from person to person"

*The Best Morning Of My Life I Just Keep Losing Weight

Dear Bioslim:  I think this morning was the best morning of my life, I've lost so much weight. My waist has shrink and 'I've only been taking the herb for 18 days so far I'm so excited i looked in the mirror and nearly fell over i thought oh my god pinch me I'm dreaming but oh no I'm not. i hope to see my body shrink more soon as I'm on the three month plan and ordering another three months next week's oh I'm so excited I'm bouncing of the walls i cant stop staring at me thinking whoa after so so so long of feeling down about my self i have finally found a product that works for me Yippee Yay. thank you so much I'm going to tell all my girl friends about this send a few more customers your way cause this works. how much more do you think on average i can expect in the 6 months of taking the herbs? thank you so much  for making me feel a million dollars, you are a true miracle!

I've currently been on the thin herb 1 week. and was especially interested in the offer because of the cost of any weight loss products. Along with taking the herb im also working out. and so far its working great . i eat less and don't feel hungry in between the times when i do eat. i feel like as soon as i took it i started to lose water weight left over from my pregnancy so id certainly be bale to write testimony . im in love with Bioslim i just freaking  it! "Results may vary from person to person"

*The Best Weight Loss Diet Herb In the World

Bioslim: I have liked how it has helped curb my appetite without the feeling of taking a drug. I thought I would purchase additional herbs to ensure that I can further determine if it will help me with weight loss. I am looking to lose about 10 pounds. I will definitely let you know how my results progress. Thanks for your help.
"Results may vary from person to person"


*Lost 7lbs in Two Weeks Setting My Record

My husband and I are trying to lose weight and we researched what herbs we should take. We saw all the information on your Bioslim product and decided to give it a try. Anyway, my husband thinks I should write you and let you know how it is working for us. I have lost 7 pounds in two weeks. I never thought I would lose so much at such a  fast rate. Ohh and my husband lost about 5 pounds. I think he needs to get out of the lazy boy. Sophia. We are from Milan, Italy. "Results may vary from person to person"

hello -i am a male and have been using your product (herb) for a little over 4 days, and have noticed substantial changes in my belly area. - i swear that the fat around my hips are about a half an inch less then what they were, it is like I am shedding an outer layer. is this a normal event, after only 4 days? thanks! I will keep you updated when I pass the one month mark.

*I Just Love The Fast Weight Loss Results

You have a very good weight loss product and I have been thinking if I should stop or keep using it. I love the results and like many others, I want to be thinner. The feeling is great too. Just knowing this product works is the best part of getting up in the morning and seeing the difference when i feel energy. When I go for a walk in the morning, I can feel my body getting tighter. I have to wear a sports braw and I hope that people will notice me. I never thought it would work as fast as it does. I do have to say it is getting harder to fit into my clothes every week. This summer I will have to go to the beach, and wear an actual bikini bathing suit! You may post this if you want but please leave my name out of it. Thank you, T.  "Results may vary from person to person"

Dear Bioslim, It's been 3 weeks so far and I thought I'd send you an e-mail letting you know what's going on with me. Aside from how fast the Miracle Bioslim works I've noticed, I find my self looking in the mirror all the time. Like some have commented before, I might have to file a restraining order soon against myself to keep my hands off me! ;) Whatever balance you found in your herbs, I definitely think you've hit upon the golden recipe, keep up the good work. I'll be ordering more soon, I'd like at this point to see how far I can go. Thanks Rosanna, South Africa

Hello I first would like to say your herbs works very well its actually amazing how fast you feel a difference. I wasn't hungry for several hours after I took just one herb and felt full. My first 30 day program started to take affect right away and I could feel it working so when it was almost gone I hurried to order my next program. It is almost like the herb just eats my fat right off. Cool huh? Michelle, Buenos Aires, Argentina. "Results may vary from person to person"

*Your Herbs Best Skinny From Fatty Product Available

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product, I have been using the herb system for only 10 full days and have already seen a decrease in my waist. My hips feel and look great and it's all due to this wonderful product. I will continue to take the herb to achieve my my wanted size, what I've seen so far I am very pleased with and I look forward to my fat disappearing. ...My boyfriend absolutely loves the idea of me being skinnier, he says it and tries to be supportive, but you can tell he wants me to be thinner....... pictures will be coming soon! Thanks again!!!! Larisa in Russia.
"Results may vary from person to person"

Thank you for your Bioslims, the last order I received has gone a real long way and my spare tire waist definitely is less plump... wow ! what a turn on for my wife! but now I want to go get a new suit for work. Thanks a MILLION - its what I always wanted.  Many thanks again. Dastio, Tunisia

When I was younger I had the greatest body. Well, I just wanted you to know Amy, you have been so nice to me answering all of my questions. I just had 2 babies in a row and as of one month ago I weighed 154 pounds. I used to weigh between 120 and 122. I want desperately to get to that size again. Anyway, you said that if I had dramatic results to write you and I wanted to tell you that I am now at 138. You want to know how I lost so many pounds in just 4 weeks, well, I am not hungry all day, and then I eat a reg. dinner, and I run in the mornings. That is it, the fat just disappears! So there you are. Thank you Ninabonta Williams :) Jamaica "Results may vary from person to person"

Dear Bioslim company, I have just finished my first month supply. I'm very encouraged by the results (lost 9 pounds) and have ordered my second supply last week. However, I have a question, should I take the herb in the morning or at night with food or without? Thank you & regards, H.

*Your Yummy Herbs Made Me Slimmy Slim Slim

I have issues with my body and my face. It seems every time I look in the mirror I see a very fat face. I have been on your herb for about 3 weeks give our take a couple of days and I refuse to buy a scale, because I will just weigh myself every second of the day. My face looks so good. My body looks so good. I don't know how much I have lost but I feel and look skinnier. So thanks for offering a great herb product.  please don't add my last name ok? Tina, Kenya "Results may vary from person to person"

Wow, I was impressed, and  it is working good for me. At first I think I was being pretty lazy and just not taking the herb tincture, but now that I have been taking it I am loosing weight- ohh ya, and yes I still have energy- I forgot about that. I am going to take some before pictures of my body so that I can qualify for the two month supply offer that you have. JAMIE, Portugal.