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*Cassia angustifolia are the key ingredients in our Bioslim. Cassia angustifolia is a small shrub that grows in regions of the upper Nile of North Africa and Arabia. Ancient Egyptian doctors used Cassia angustifolia over 3500 years ago for their royal patients and the elite. It was also used by the Arabian physicians as far back 9th century A.D. After being introduced to Europe during the Crusades, its popularity as an herbal remedy exploded and is able to relieve constipation by stimulating the colon, whereby speeding along the passage of the contents.



*Cassia angustifolia is considered to be a very powerful cathartic which is used in the treatment of the patients of constipation as it stimulates the intestinal peristalsis to break down body fat by being absorbed in the blood and later goes into the colon resulting in natural safe weight loss as  It cleanses and purifies the blood and causes a fresh and lively habit of the body.

*Malva Verticellata which is used as a soothing weight loss herbal ingredient to treat such conditions as obesity, reduce fat cells, and to  increase energy after weight loss. Malva has also been known to be favorable to drain excessive bloating and to clear toxins in the digestive and hormonal systems, and on the bladder, small intestine, large intestine channels. It has also been known to enhance moods and increase energy levels and mental alertness. This specially formulated ingredient will also  help with the reduction of sweet cravings, and the suppression of  appetite, and has no stimulants.

                                                      malva plant leaves shown to have effects of permanent weight loss diet               weightloss diet plant herbal extracts for permanent weight loss

*Malva Verticellata leaves also have medicinal properties that contain starch, mucilage, pectin, oil, sugar, asparagines, and phosphate of lime, glutinous matter and cellulose. The great properties of Malva Verticellata make it useful in inflammation and irritation of the urinary and respiratory  digestive organs. It also breaks down fat cells and helps in exerting a relaxing effect upon the digestive system and passages to provide permanent weight loss.

*No Drugs

*No Ephedrine

*No Caffeine

*No Chemical Additives

*No Harmful Side Effects

*100% Safe Natural Herbs

The herbs
emulsify fats in the digestive tract to hasten digestion. The natural essential oils in the herbal leaves help increase metabolism to improve digestion allowing the body to relax and burn fatty tissues.

Always chosen from choice crops of premium quality herbs, nevertheless goes through modern technology intensive quality control process, bringing to you packets full of fine grain herbs of highest purity. Enjoy a cup of these fine herbs after each meal and relax, while the herbs helps fight fat and dissolve fatty tissue to cleanse your system, mobilize excessive fat deposits in your body and eliminates the asmetabolic wastes to make you lose weight forever.