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Healthiest Fats & Oils

Mono-unsaturated fat is considered better than polyunsaturated fat because it reduces bad cholesterol (LDL). Polyunsaturated fats do this too, but tend also to reduce good cholesterol (HDL).

But only polyunsaturated fat includes the family of essential fatty acids, known as omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

WEIGHT LOSS Monounsaturated oils better for cooking

When liquid oils are heated, they are converted into saturated fats. Because monounsaturated oils tend to convert or 'hydrolyse' into saturated fat at higher temperatures than polyunsaturated oils, they are healthier for cooking. A good choice is cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.

WEIGHT LOSS Unrefined fats are best

Whether used in cooking or used cold on salads, the less refined the oil is, the better, and chemically processed oils are quite different from mechanically pressed oils, especially if organic.

The best oil is unrefined, mechanically pressed plant oil which is pesticide free and stored in opaque glass containers.

Good examples include: hemp seed oil, flax oil, soya oil, extra virgin olive oil and walnut oil.

Good oily foods include: salmon, mackerel, sardines, avocado, unsalted nuts and seeds.

WEIGHT LOSS Weight Loss & Fats

From a calorie viewpoint, all oils are equally fattening.
They contain 120 calories per tablespoon.

WEIGHT LOSS How much fat to eat

For optimum weight loss, reduce your overall fat/oil consumption to a sensible level: 25-30 percent of calories is very good; although 20-25 per cent is better; while world fats expert Udo Erasmus advocates 15-20 per cent of calories.

Also, you should restrict your consumption of saturated fat to a minimum (no more than 5-10 per cent of calories).

If in doubt, follow the Food Pyramid Guidelines which suggest that we eat all fats "sparingly".

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