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What is One of the Biggest Problems Facing Women Dieters?

The biggest problem facing women dieters is lack of time.

  • Unlike men, women have to look perfect.
  • In addition, they are typically responsible for home (washing and cleaning), family (nursing, caring for, cooking for) and pets (feeding, cleaning up after).
  • In addition, they need to look after the mind, body and ego of the creature from Mars to whom they are married.
  • Finally, guess who cares for the elderly parents and in-laws? That's right, the woman. Who, incidentally may also have a full-time or part-time job!

It's possible I am exaggerating, but not significantly. Point is, women who live in the real world have a lot on their plate. And it's not all cheesecake!




WEIGHT LOSS Lack of Time Leads to Lack of Attention to Weight

Because of the combined burdens of femininity, motherhood, serfdom and nurse, many women have no time for themselves. Which leads to a lack of attention to their diet and inevitably - their weight and shape.

WEIGHT LOSS I Understand Women Who Live in the Real World

I grew up with no electric light and we used to fetch water from a communal tap. I started work at age 13. At age 18 I met a Prince who turned into a frog, had two children and worked 14-hour days to pay the bills. So I know a little about real life, especially the role of women.

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