UK Daily Fat Intake
Average UK Consumption of Dietary Fat

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UK Dietary Fat Intake

The average daily intake of fat in the UK is 102g for men and 74g for women (which provides around 40% of the food energy in the diet, and 38% of the total energy).

WEIGHT LOSS Facts About UK Dietary Fat Intake

  • Sources of fat include butter, margarine, oils and the fat in meat.
  • Fat is also found in foods such as milk and milk products, nuts, fatty fish, e.g. herring, mackerel and cakes and biscuits.
  • About a quarter of all dietary fat is obtained from meat and meat products.
  • Further major contributions are from cereal products, dairy products, butter, margarine and oils used to fry foods.
  • The remainder is obtained from foods such as fish and eggs.
  • Fat is a concentrated source of energy, and foods that are high in fat provide a lot of energy.
  • Too much energy in the diet leads to becoming overweight and obesity because excess energy is stored as fat in the body.

Source: British Food Standards




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