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Development of the Modern Diet

Dietary habits are strongly linked to food processing and the options provided by food manufacturers. If burgers and fries had been available to our caveman ancestors, they wouldn't have bothered hunting. Unfortunately, while food manufacturers are constantly developing ever-tastier foods, these food products aren't always healthy. A tasty food is typically high in fat or high in sugar (or both) and high in sodium. Refined white flour foods are high in unhealthy carbohydrate. Baked foods may contain trans-fats - now considered to be as unhealthy as saturated animal fats. Many supposedly fresh fruits and vegetables are old, and salad-foods can be dripping in mayonnaise. In short, many basic foods lack the nutritional quality necessary for a healthy diet. For answers to questions like: How have dietary habits changed? and What constitutes a healthy diet? please continue reading.

Stone Age Diet
How Agriculture Changed Hunter Gatherer Diet
Development of Carbs

Health Problems of Carbs in Modern Diet
Health Problems of Fats in Modern Diet
Lessons of Evolution For Our Modern Diet

Guide to Healthy Diet
Principles of Healthy Eating
Diet For Optimum Weight - 4 Suggestions

Weight Loss Help
Guide to Successful Weight Management

The Digestive System

Our food digestion system (mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine) helps us to obtain energy and nutrients from food. Carbohydrate, fats and protein are each digested differently within the gastrointestinal tract, but surplus calories from these three macronutrients are ALL converted to body fat.





About calorie needs and expenditure for optimum weight management. If you want to boost your health as well as reduce your weight, avoid empty-calorie foods or calorie-dense options, follow a nutritious diet and raise your level of energy expenditure. A fast 30-minute walk can burn 200 calories.

Quick Guide to Calorie Needs
Healthy Ways to Reduce Calories
Calories Used Up by Exercise
Exercise Information
Calorie Counting Alone is Insufficient For Weight Loss
Calories in Food

For an explanation of how surplus calories are stored as body fat, please see: Body Fat/Adipose Tissue - Why We Gain Fat

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Best foods to eat, plus nutritional information to maintain good health and a "normal" weight. Click below for advice about the best macronutrients and micronutrients. Remember, a healthy body loses weight faster.

Good Carbs to Eat
Good Protein to Eat
Good Fats to Eat
Fats, Oils in Healthy Weight Loss Diet

Advice About Sugar
Guide to Dietary Fiber
Fiber Helps Weight Reduction
Best Vitamins for Weight Control

Best Minerals for Weight Control
Diet Foods
Sodium Content of Foods
Protein Content of Food

Cholesterol in Foods
Healthy Vegetarian Diet
Guide To Nutritional Deficiencies

Water, Weight And Health

Adequate fluid intake is an essential feature of any healthy diet plan, to prevent dehydration and ensure good health. The body usually maintains the correct fluid balance using electrolytes like potassium and sodium. If this fluid balance is upset, water retention and edema may occur. The treatment for water retention depends on its causes. Lowering sodium intake is usually a major feature for any diet to reduce water retention.

Carbohydrates and Glycemic Index (GI)

Everything you need to know about healthy carbohydrate, how much to eat and how the Glycemic Index helps to maintain good health and weight. The GI Diet method has superceded low-carb diets. It focuses on carb-quality rather than carb-quantity, and offers improved blood-glucose control for anyone with type 2 diabetes or any of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. GI Diets are also ideal eating plans for PCOS and a range of general digestive conditions.

GI Diet Method
How the Body Uses Its Energy Sources
Guide to Carbohydrates
How Carbs Are Digested
How Carbohydrate Affects Blood Sugar
How Carbohydrate Affects Insulin
Health Risks of Excessive Insulin
Low Carb Eating Plans
Guide to Glycemic Index (GI)
More Details About GI
How GI is Measured
What Determines GI Value of Carb-Rich Foods
Guide to Glycemic Load
GI Values of Meals
How to Reduce GI Value of Meals
Low GI Foods
How Much Carbohydrate Do We Need in Our Diet
Guide to Carbohydrate in Our Diet
Which is Best: Low Carb or Low GI Diet
Health Benefits of Low GI Diets

Diets For Special Health Conditions
Healthy Diets and Eating Plans For Women

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