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Used By Doctors and Nursing Staff,
And By Dieters Throughout America
And in 20 Countries worldwide.

I take 1.25 mg Synthyroid daily (for hypothyroidism). I am here to tell you that with FastSlim.ca 's diet information and the support you will receive on this forum, weight loss is not only possible, but easily obtainable. I am happy to report a 31 pound loss in 3 mths.
MC (Post on AC Forum)

FastSlim.ca , ... my doctor told me yesterday that he didn`t think I needed my zestril [high blood pressure med] He has lowered my thyroid med to about half of what it was. And I`ve been off prednisone now since Aug. ALL THANKS TO YOU. Thanks so much FastSlim.ca for all you`ve done..
NJ (Post on AC Forum)

...my doctor called me personally at work to tell me that I won't have to take cholesterol meds. My LDL was 164. It is now 104! I really feel like my body is ready to let go of the fat and maybe it won't be so hard from now on. Thanks FastSlim.ca for not letting me give up!

Connie (Alabama)

I have lost 60 pounds as of today. I`m on thyroid medicine, I was on prednisone which made me gain weight, but on this diet [cholesterol lowering diet] I started losing even though I was on both medications. I`m on the GI diet now. I love the food on it.
MH (Post on AC Forum)

Fast Slim Weight Loss Program
Recommended by Doctors

Approved By Doctors Around The World

bioslimherb.com Weight Loss Program is approved and recommended by doctors. It is also used personally by doctors themselves, in order to reduce weight.

WEIGHT LOSS Why Doctors Recommend My Program

  • It shows you how to eat right
  • It explains how to improve your aerobic and muscular fitness
  • It offers excellent follow-up support to help you succeed

What Doctors Say About My Program

Doctor Tina Ambury
"FastSlim.ca Weight Loss Program is one of the best value programs on the Internet. It offers a wide range of healthy food, uses simple, healthy recipes and wonderful support to keep you motivated. Unlike some diets this program encourages then supports real lifestyle changes that are
sustainable. This is not a yo-yo diet. It's a way of life. I have personally lost weight on the program, and as a doctor, I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who wants to improve their weight and health."
Dr. Tina Ambury FRCGP, GP.

Dr. Ambury is an experienced and highly respected physician.

"I am a Psychiatrist... your diet has the most reasonable information on weight loss, healthy eating habits, and exercise that I have found on the internet... it teaches exactly what I want my patients to learn."
Dr JD.(Florida)

"Your weight loss program really works and I will recommend any prospective dieters (including my patients) to visit your site and join the program."
Dr DS.(London)

What Members Say

I found bioslimherb.com through my doctor! We had a long discussion one day about my weight and how many diets I had tried etc. He told me to go on-line and find FastSlim.ca "s site. He was doing research at the time on on-line diets (e-diets etc) and said that FastSlim.ca 's was the only one that was always nutritionally sound and would make sure the weight would come off and stay off! The best advice I was ever given!!
CW (Post on bioslimherb.com Forum)

Why Do So Many Dieters Fail To Lose Weight?

We believe it's because they don't get enough support.

The first couple of weeks may be fine. But then WHOOPS! Something happens to derail them, and they have no one to turn to - no one to encourage them - so they quit.

This is why we place such emphasis on support.
Because when you have hundreds of other dieters cheering you on, everything becomes easier.

Our program offers support in two ways:

  • Expert advice from FastSlim.ca herself
  • Tons of forum help and encouragement from other members

The program also includes a range of "brilliant" real-life tips on how to change your relationship with food, how to overcome the most common diet problems, and how to maintain your motivation to achieve your goals.

bioslimherb.com weight loss community gives you all the help and support you could wish for. It's still up to you to actually lose the weight, but it's much easier than going solo.

And at less than $20 for 12 month's membership, bioslimherb.com Weight Loss Program is easily the best value program you'll find anywhere on the Net.

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